Jenny Bender

Author and Literacy Consultant

Selected Works

Education Trade Book
A must-have for anyone who wants to teach young writers to craft focused, detailed and meaningful realistic fiction.
An essential handbook for educators who want to know what and how to teach their students to write well.



- Modeling best practices on-site
- Coaching educators in the classroom
- Leading out-of-classroom workshops
- Designing curriculum
- Developing assessment tools
- Supporting educational supervisors
- Training literacy coaches
- Training education students
- Helping schools and districts re-envision their
literacy programs


Instructional Content
- Crafting essays
- Crafting stories
- Using a writer’s notebook
- Using a reader's notebook
- Using appropriate grammar and punctuation
- Responding to literature
- Monitoring for meaning
- Reading with fluency
- Inferring
- Reading critically

Teaching Methods
- Introducing and improving whole class lessons
- Differentiating instruction: conferring and small group work
- Creating and implementing on-going assessment tools
- Using mentor texts to lift the quality of writing
- Scaffolding student conversation about literature